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Colombo Medical Congress 2022
November 23-26, 2022 at the Faculty of Medicine, Colombo, Sri Lanka

‘Sustainable and Affordable Healthcare Through Research, Innovation and Practice’

The Editorial Committee for the Colombo Medical Congress invites the academic staff members, postgraduate and undergraduate students of the Faculty of Medicine University of Colombo and Colombo Medical School Alumni Association (CoMSAA) members to submit abstracts.
Abstracts reporting original research, protocols of original research, systematic reviews or metanalyses and case studies are welcome. (Protocols of original research and systematic reviews metanalyses and case studies will be considered for awards under a separate category)
All accepted abstracts will be published in the Book of Proceedings of the Colombo Medical Congress 2022, University of Colombo and in the Ceylon Journal of Medical Sciences as a Supplement.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 30 June 2022

Please see the guidelines for preparation of the abstract below and follow the instructions carefully. Please note that abstracts that are not prepared according to the guidelines provided, or are submitted after the deadline, will not be considered for review. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to make alterations to the text of the abstract which will improve its quality.

Authors should submit their abstracts online to the Colombo Medical Congress at

The Editors can be reached at

Dr. Tharanga Thoradeniya
Dr. Dineshani Hettiarachchi
Colombo Medical Congress 2022

Guidelines for submission of abstracts
i. The abstract must report original research, protocols of original research, systematic reviews or metanalyses and case studies, not previously published elsewhere.
ii. At least one of the co-authors should be affiliated to the Faculty of Medicine Colombo or Colombo Medical School Alumni Association (CoMSAA)
iii. Abstracts may be submitted under Open or (undergraduate) student categories.
iv. Abstracts submitted under the student category: Should comprise of abstracts arising from research projects carried out during the period of undergraduate study at the Faculty of Medicine Colombo and should be presented by the student who carried out the project. The abstract should be co-authored by a permanent staff member of the faculty or a member of CoMSAA. (A predetermined number of suitable abstracts submitted under the student category may be selected for presentation under the 'open' category)
v. The title should be brief and reflect the study reported and written in sentence case? with the capitalization of proper nouns.
vi. The author/s names: Capital letters should be used only for the initials and the first letters of the surnames of authors.
vii. The text of the abstract should not exceed 300 words excluding title, author affiliations, acknowledgments and keywords. The abstract must be structured into Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusions.
viii. A maximum of five keywords should be provided.
ix. Acknowledgements should be restricted to the name/s of funding agencies along with the grant number/s.
x. Standard abbreviations of SI units should be used.
xi. The abstracts should be coherent and free of plagiarism or language errors.
xii. Before you submit your abstract ensure that the entire contents of the final abstract fits into a single A4 page with 1” margins all around, Times New Roman size 11 and 1.5 spacing
xiii. Abstract should be submitted online via the abstract submission system via (If you already have a user account for this submission system, you can use the same).
xiv. During submission, in addition to entering your abstract in the given field, a formatted PDF version of your abstract should be attached. The PDF attachment should not contain author details.

Please note:
(i) All correspondence will be addressed to the corresponding author.
(ii) In the event that the presenter indicated in the application is unable to present the paper, it is the responsibility of the corresponding author either to withdraw the paper in advance or arrange for one of the co-authors to present the paper. In the event that the abstract is not presented, the abstract will be withdrawn from the final abstract book, and all co-authors will be notified.
(iii) Ethical considerations - where applicable, the name of the Ethics Review Committee along with the approval number should be provided during submission. For clinical trials, the clinical trials registry number should be submitted.
(iv) All financial and non-financial competing interests/conflicts of interest must be declared.
(v) Editorial Committee has the right to reject the abstracts not conforming to these requirements.
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