Call for Expressions of Interest to join the Academic Programme

The Colombo Medical Congress (CMC) was initiated in 2020 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the original Colombo Medical School, later renamed as the Ceylon Medical College and now known as University of Colombo Faculty of Medicine (UCFM). In 2021, the congress was held as a hybrid event due to the COVID 19 pandemic. This year too, it will be a hybrid event, with both onsite and online participants. This year will also mark the special occasion of the first use of the newly-built UCFM Tower as its venue; a brand new, 17-storey building, which will be commissioned soon.

The CMC is much more than just a medical conference. It is an annual celebration of the faculty, students and alumni of this organisation with a rich history. It brings together all the students and teachers, current and past, to enable sharing and collaborating across their academic and professional work. It creates a forum for exchanging ideas and provides an ideal environment for continuing medical education (CME), continuing professional development (CPD), showcasing of research and innovation, sharing practice-related experience, dissemination of the work globally while forming new bonds and collaborations, and so on. For those who are onsite, it would be a great occasion for nostalgia, a chance to catch-up with their teachers, friends and acquaintances, and an opportunity to see further growth of the alma mater undertaken in recent years. Altogether, it is a time to recreate memories, refresh bonds, and rekindle commitments to a grand, common cause that had its beginnings firmly entrenched in the misty past and rightfully claiming towards an unparalleled contribution to nation-building.

The Scientific Committee invites Expressions of Interest (EOIs) to conceptualise, organise and deliver a distinct part of the programme (e.g., a symposium, a workshop, scientific debate etc.). All past and current teachers, students and alumni, both here and overseas, are invited to apply. The accepted proposals will have a time slot in the Academic Programme of CMC 2022. The event/activity proposed can be delivered onsite, online or both. However, it must be delivered in real time (i.e., synchronously or ‘live’).

Submitted EOIs will be judged on their alignment with the theme of CMC 2022, importance to the UCFM’s vision and mission, practical feasibility, expertise of the collaborators and its suitability to the expected audience. Submissions must be made in writing, as a proposal not exceeding 1,500 words, outlining the intended programme and its compatibility with the features listed above. We may ask you to modify the submission to make it more attractive, suitable or aligned, to the overall purpose of CMC 2022.

The deadline for submissions of EOIs is July 17, 2022. Preliminary drafts are welcome and we will comment on them as soon as possible. The final decisions regarding inclusion will be conveyed to the proposers by July 30, 2022.

EoI can be downloaded here.

Please send your queries or submissions to and